International Consumer Protection Legislation require certain disclosures to consumers and the public in general. The purpose of disclosures is to declare any compensatory affiliations, income or commissions when something is recommended, promoted, endorsed or sold.


We encourage customers, members, affiliates and partners to promote our products and services to their customers and other interested parties. Incentives may include discount vouchers, coupons, benefits and gaming upgrades or gifts. Generally the financial value of incentives may equal the commissions awarded to sales force personnel; however during special promotions, we may provide products or services to customers, members, affiliates and partners below cost price to stimulate sales if it serves our interests in the long run. We belief in mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, members, affiliates and partners; and reward those who support our efforts to grow our community.


Our affiliates, members or representatives, hereafter called “affiliates”, may earn commissions as part of their marketing efforts to fund their own online gaming environment. Commissions serve as incentives to increase our product and service sales and do not affect the quoted prices as it is part of our normal operational expenses, and are thus included in product and service mark-ups.


Similar to newspapers and magazines, we may earn income or benefits from advertisements; including banner ads, text ads and inline hyper-links placed on our websites, blogs and other Internet facilities. Depending on the agreement with the advertising agency, income can be derived per click, per view or per time frame. Advertisements placed as inline hypertext links are usually indicated with a double underline, flag or both and is usually easy recognisable as a paid hyperlink; however in some articles it may appear as a credit link in the Bio information of an article, or as a “Buy Now”, “Download” or other button linking to another domain where the item can be purchased or downloaded.

Online article authors often publish their articles in Article Directories. As a precondition to republish the article elsewhere on the Internet, hyperlinks in the article must remain intact. These hyperlinks are however not paid advertisements, but rather serve to give credit to the author or publisher via backlinks to websites or items promoted by the article author.


Similar the real life shops that seldom manufacture their own products, online shopping or e-commerce facilities are no different and are seldom operated by the product manufacturer, software or game developer. Instead it is operated by affiliates (who can be compared to a retailer) of another e-commerce facility (who can be compared to a wholesaler). Affiliate store owners usually earn commissions on products sold via the affiliate store, while the wholesale shop owner add a profit margin to products sourced from drop shippers, manufacturers or developers. It is advisable to review the product’s return policies of any merchant, and to record customer support details whenever you purchase products online. Also ensure that all payments are processed by trusted and secure online facilities when checking out.

We have e-commerce facilities in various categories, and sell a range of our own products and services, as well as products and services from external suppliers. Affiliate stores may earn as little as four percent commissions up to whatever is offered by suppliers, while we may charge as much as we like on our own products and services. Without commissions and profit margins, no business or e-commerce site would exist.

The aim of Consumer Protection Legislation however is to disclose any potential prejudice towards a specific product or service, although all advertising are basically prejudiced and companies will recommend their own products or partners if afforded the opportunity. Therefore it is advisable to shop around and to form your own opinion about a company, products, services, pricing and after sales support. We belief that all parties should win with every transaction, and we will continue to bring our customers excellent value and services for their money.


InGame Lobby is a non-profit gaming community. All earnings or benefits derived from this website, related facilities and other activities, are used to reduce gaming expenses rather than generating income.

Normal gaming expenses include internet access, domain registrations, security certificates, communication, hosting and maintenance of Internet facilities, equipment repairs, software or gaming licences, in-game benefits, premium gaming events and much more.

All earnings or benefits derived from this website, related facilities and other activities, are for the benefit of our members at the sole discretion of the Website Owners and/or Commander, who is under no obligation to submit any statements to any member or other party.