World of Warships – Achmed’s Rules

WORLD OF WARSHIPS – Achmed’s Rules are a few basic principles learned through experience and should be observed by gamers to prevent friendly ship losses and penalties, or frustrations for other gamers during gameplay.

  1. Never torpedo towards a friendly ship.  The friendly ship may change course or speed and your torpedoes may hit it.
  2. Never approach a Destroyer or any other ship carrying torpedoes from behind and pass in front of it (i.e. between the friendly ship and an enemy).  The ship’s commander may not see your approach when zoomed in on the enemy and preparing to launch torpedoes.
  3. Never approach any ship from behind and park directly beside it and between the enemy.  You are preventing the ship’s commander to fire at the enemy without hitting you.
  4. Never push forward (towards the enemy) in-between friendly ships carrying torpedoes and the enemy, especially with a battleship.  You are preventing the friendly ship to launch its torpedoes; a valuable asset when deadly force is needed.  Special care should be taken concerning ships with long range torpedoes (i.e. 10 to 20 km torpedo range).
  5. Never park behind a Destroyer or other vulnerable ships in smoke when enemy ships carrying torpedoes are lurking in the area; the enemy may aim to torpedo you and hit the Destroyer or vulnerable ship instead.
  6. Never stop in a T-formation at the bow or stern of another ship, especially slow or vulnerable ships (i.e. ships with a low HP).  You are blocking the ship’s escape route with inbound torpedoes that may sink it instantly.
  7. Never torpedo or shoot a friendly ship in rage.  Rage may have dire consequences for you.

Note: A pink colour in game may indicate a reckless ship commander, but often also that another ship’s commander was ignorant of Achmed’s Rules.