World of Warships – IGL Clan Recruitment

RECRUITMENT – InGame Lobby is looking for experienced World of Warships gamers to grow our IGL Clan and Gaming Community. We are a fun-loving and easygoing community; however we are committed to learn the necessary skills to win battles while maintaining good relations internally with our clan members, other gaming clans and the global gaming community and gaming industry at large.

Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Should be 21 years of age or older. No children allowed.
  2. Should have played more than 2000 WOWS battles.
  3. Should have an Average XP above 900 per battle.
  4. Should have at least 1 x Tier 10 ship.
  5. Should be located in GMT+3 to GMT-1 time-zones to join clan battles on EU server.
  6. Should have a functioning headset with mic to communicate via Discord with other participants during game battles.
  7. Must adhere to IGL’s Value System. Prejudice and Racism will not be tolerated.
  8. Must be able to stay cool under pressure and maintain friendly relations with other gamers. Rage during games will not be tolerated.
  9. Vulgar language and behaviour will not be tolerated. We are not a child-friendly or church community; however we do respect other people’s cultures and norms.
  10. Must be able to “Play for Fun” and maintain an enjoyable atmosphere during games.

NB: Casual players are welcome to join IGL; however Clan Ranks are based on player skills, technical expertise to manage gaming facilities, relationships with other clan members, willingness to perform the required labour associated with the applicable rank, attend meetings, etc.

Skilled gamers who are unable to perform the required functions or tasks, and who just want to have a pleasant gaming experience, are always welcome but must accept a lower rank to allow those willing to do the job, to occupy the rank associated with the tasks they perform.

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